Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dr. Ramer Remembered

Dr. Hal R. Ramer died this weekend at age 86. Dr. Ramer was the founding president of Vol State starting in 1970. He was a man who truly cared about his students.

Sue Pedigo, Director of Financial Aid, knew Dr. Ramer for many years as she started working at Vol State in 1971 and is a charter member of the Vol State staff.

She has very positive memories of Dr. Ramer. “He was a fine southern gentleman, he loved students; he was very good to students. He would often find out about students’ needs and pay the tuition cost out of his own pocket. He was very generous, but he didn’t do it to get public recognition. He loved people, animals, and nature,” Pedigo said.

Leonard Assante, Associate Professor and Department of Communications Chair said that he has known Dr. Ramer for fourteen years. “He hired me at the college when I got here in ’96,” he said.

Assante remembers Dr. Ramer’s humble nature. “I remember standing in the Caudill Hall foyer for an event. I remember him going up to someone and said, ‘Hi, I’m Hal Ramer and I’m in administration.’ I thought it was telling that he didn’t say he was the president,” Assante said.

“He was a good man. I’m going to miss him. I was in a fog all day. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I found out,” Assante said about his passing.

Howard Espravnik, Associate Professor and WVCP-FM Manager said, “I came to work here August 1986. Dr. Ramer was well respected for being a good administrator to work for, and also for his dedication to Vol State and civic causes.”

“He helped me out a couple of times when I needed it in my early career at VSCC and I always appreciated it. Like our current president, he was a strong advocate of the radio station. After we got computer equipment, and were able to keep the radio station on overnight, we ran this line that said, ‘Vol State College radio, we have the guards, the dogs, and 88.5 on duty all night,’” Espravnik said.

The dogs mentioned in the old line of the WVCP radio show is in reference to the campus dogs that Dr. Ramer allowed. A lot of people remember him for the campus dogs.

“I heard that he provided the food and the care for the dogs out of his own pocket. There were three at the time,” said Espravnik. “I always liked the dogs. He fed and cared for them. They were allowed in the Wood Campus Center,” said Assante.

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