Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fundraiser for Frantz Massena

Vol State is coming together once again to help one of our own.

Haitian student Franz Massena has family members in Haiti who have been directly affected by the earthquake. “My cousin died, and they have already buried him. His birthday is March 20, and I want to be with the family for his remembrance service,” said Massena.

“The VISA (Volunteer State International Student Association) club is really a chance for students to share other cultures and for International Vol State students to connect. Frantz was part of our organization beforehand. He came to us and asked for help. The Collegiate Ministry is helping out also. If we can help one of our fellow students, I think we should,” said Tonya Daniels, Spanish Instructor.

“Round trip is $1500 for me and my brother in law,” said Massena. The cafeteria was selling boxed lunches for 2.50 Wednesday February 10, 2010 with 1.50 going to the fundraising effort for Massena. “We are still talking about other possible fundraisers,” said Daniels.

“Once I get over there, I want to try to have a system coordinated to help my family on a monthly basis. I’ll be there from March 18 – 21. I really appreciate all of the help the VISA club and Collegiate Ministry has given,” Massena said.

Massena wants to do a documentary of his visit.

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