Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Study Break

Spring break is in full swing this week for Vol State students.

For some this means taking advantage of the extra time and forming study groups. In addition to working and catching up on some rest, this is how I’m spending my week.

As a current Vol State student myself, I think study groups can be very beneficial. It gives students a way to meet outside of the classroom in an environment that isn’t as intimidating as a classroom setting, with the possibility of making friends in the process of learning. Here is what a few other students have to say about study groups.

“I think it is important. The best way to learn something is to teach it, and it is easier to teach your peers than it is your teacher. It is intimidating if you teach your teacher,” said Journalism student Jamie Barto about study groups.

“If done properly it addresses all of the learning modalities because you are speaking, listening, teaching, etc,” said student Gary Parker.

Some may wonder why students would study over spring break. “It’s either this. Don’t study over spring break and fail, or study and pass,” Barto said. “I’m a non-traditional student. I look at school as a job. It’s my on the job training; I treat it as a job,” Parker added.

Julie Stewart said, “I think it is important to get the perspective from other people. I would say that reaching out to other people is the most important.”

My experience in a study group has been positive so far, and I would suggest at least trying it. The way I see it is I have to study anyway, why not do it in a group?

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