Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vol State Students Visit the Netherlands

A visit to another country is a way to gain a new perspective. That's certainly the case for Vol State Paralegal Studies students this week. They're in the Netherlands studying Dutch and international law. Here is a report from Program Coordinator Loretta Calvert:

Some students are studying Intellectual Property issues here in the Netherlands such as what treaties impact copyright protected images and the licensing of trademark products which are imported to the U.S. Other students are looking at the laws dealing with prostitution and the tolerance of drug use. Does legalization minimize other crimes?

Yesterday, the group visited the Peace Palace with is part of the UN. The Peace Palace houses several international tribunals including the International Court of Justice. The Peace Palace was created primarily out of a donation from American Andrew Carnegie. Other countries donated items such as marble from Italy, stained glass from England, paintings from France, vases from China, statutes from Argentina.

One of the most exciting visits we did yesterday was to visit the International Criminal Court in the Hague where the trial of a war criminal is happening. We saw the portion of the case dealing with the defendant's argument. A witness for the defense now claims that the ICC investigators pushed him to testify about the enlisting of children in the military and were drunk the first time they met.

-Loretta Calvert, J.D.
Paralegal Program Coordinator
This is just one of several trips our students are taking this year. We have another group in Ireland as we speak, and they have an entirely different emphasis. More on that soon.


Anita Haaijer said...

Dear people from Volstate Galatin,

How nice to see that you are visiting the Netherlands at this moment!
I just saw your blog while I was planning a program for one of your teachers coming to The Netherlands in May 2010.
My name is Anita Haaijer and last November - with a group of five teachers from the Netherlands - I was in an exchange program at your college. I had a wonderful time in Galatin and Nashville. I hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did in your country.

Anita Haaijer

Vol State said...

Anita: It's so good to hear from you again. Yes, our students are really enjoying themselves in the Netherlands this week, and I know our faculty members are looking forward to their trip.