Thursday, April 1, 2010

Student Leadership Awards

The Student Leadership Luncheon honors those people who bring the campus to life through student clubs and organizations.

They could not happen without the support of the Faculty Advisors. The nominees for Advisor of the Year were: Loretta Calvert, J.D., Mary Nunaley, Clay Scott, and Dr. Judi Truitt. And the winner was Mary Nunaley.
Student leaders were honored for their leadership of clubs and organizations. New student organizations honored included the American Criminal Justice Association and the Non-Traditional Student Association.

From all of these talented people a few are nominated for the prestigious Robert M. Ruff Distinguished Student Leadership Award. The nominees:

Gallatin Campus: Jennifer Barber, Aaron Doyka, KC Greenup, Maggie Homoloya Barbara Jackson, Stacy Jones, Valerie Robb, Kayla Turnbow, Maytee Vinces and Beverly Wilson.

Livingston Campus: Travis Phillips

And the winners were: Stacy Jones for the Gallatin campus and Travis Phillips for the Livingston campus. Congratulations to both, the Ruff award is quite an honor. Stacy was chosen for her work as President of both the Phi Theta Kappa honors society and the Psychology Club. Travis was honored for the excitement and energy he brought to the Livingston Psychology Club. Travis could not make it to the award ceremony due to commitments in Livingston.

The Office of Student Life also bestowed a special recognition for a recent graduate who worked on many different projects and with many different student organizations while at Vol State. Richard Green is now a student at Western Kentucky University, but he made it back for the ceremony.

For a look at all the photos from the event please visit the gallery:

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