Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Students Showcase Public Speaking Skills

Vol State students with a competitive edge gave speeches on various topics at the Hal R. Ramer Memorial Oratorical Contest Monday April 5, 2010.

Topics ranged from Michael Lotfi’s speech about Dr. Ramer, to the opera “Carmen.”

Lotfi said, “I feel the people are here for the contest, but they don’t understand the context so I’m doing my speech on Dr. Ramer.” Lotfi said he had the amazing opportunity to meet Dr. Ramer and said, “We have the ability to excel at Vol State because of Dr. Ramer.”

Andrew Campbell’s speech about the opera "Carmen" seemed to entertain the audience when laughter erupted at some of his innuendos. Campbell had pictures and sound to demonstrate his love of “Carmen.” His entertaining explanation and visual aids left him as the second place winner receiving 75 dollars and an engraved wall plaque.

Laura Myers received the third place prize of 50 dollars and an engraved wall plaque for her heartfelt speech about Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. Myers is a survivor of this defect. “Surgery must be performed within the first few weeks of a baby’s life,” she said.

The speech about the crisis in Darfur, told by Jenny Roden took first place. Roden is the winner of 100 dollars and an engraved wall plaque.

Dr. Judi Truitt, Associate Professor of Communications said, “The Hal Ramer Memorial Oratorical Contest is to honor our excellent speakers on campus.”

Congratulations are in order to everyone who competed.

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JennyRoden said...

Hey this is Jenny- my speech was about the Crisis in Darfur! Not the SLA.. but thats okay!! As long as people hear something about whats going on in Darfur!

Amie Lara said...

Thank you Jenny! The appropriate changes have been made.

Marla Shelton said...

Congratulations to Jenny, Andrew and Laura from the Service Learning department!