Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finals and Scheduling Frenzy

Final exam period can be stressful, and having to rearrange your schedule completely can prove even more daunting.
Due to the massive flooding in Nashville and the surrounding areas, Vol State has had to change the final exam schedule. For some students this has proven a challenge, and for others they see it as an extra day or two to study.
“It affected me. I have a Tuesday night class at McGavock. All of the off campus teachers are harder to get in contact with. It is aggravating. I’m having a lot of trouble,” said Environmental Science major Emily Henson on the way to try to find someone who could give her some answers.
Joanna Krisle said, “I have two more today. The one we had Tuesday, she (the instructor) just cancelled. The project we had evened it out.”
“Now I’ve got until Monday, but I think they should have done the scheduling a whole lot better,” said student Justin Brown.
Nursing student Stacy Lytle said that the difference in scheduling didn’t affect her. “I just asked each teacher when they were having it. My computer teacher was wonderful.”

For a complete schedule including changes and explanations please visit:

Students who have read the online finals schedule information and are still having difficulties finding out information about final exams they are encouraged to contact the division for the class. Off campus students who have not heard from their instructor should contact the off campus office at 230-3743. 

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