Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flooding Affects Vol State Students

Massive flooding in Nashville, Tenn. and the surrounding areas on May 1 and 2, 2010 has affected Vol State students.

Michael Lotfi was evacuated from his home. “I live in Hermitage on the Cumberland. They made everybody where I live evacuate,” he said.

“I went to stay at my friend’s condo on 2nd Ave. and we ended up getting stuck in the

building. We had to jump from the balcony from the second floor into the boats in the water. They took us to 5th Ave. rafting down the street,” Lotfi said.

“It was insane. It is completely surreal. I have never seen anything like this. Downtown looks very similar to ‘Katrina’. All the roads are literally covered in water,” Lotfi said on Monday May 3, 2010.

Student Lauren Dickens said that she had to wade through the water in her driveway to get to the cars.

Other students were not as affected by the raging waters. “My house is okay but the bottom of the street is flooded. The horses had to be moved. My brother works at Gaylord and couldn’t go into work,” said Chelsea Taylor.

This is Robyn Wolfe’s second semester at Vol State. She said, “I’ve grown up in Tenn. but I’ve never seen anything like this.”

For those wanting to volunteer visit Hands on Nashville.

Photos are courtesy of Michael Lotfi and Lauren Dickens.

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