Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Art Manifesting Through Music

Music and art tend to inspire people, and the two go hand in hand at times.

James Story, Department Chair of the Visual and Performing Arts at Vol State finished one of his Maymester classes with an assignment that showed how music inspires art, and the way art inspires music.

Student Michael Lotfi used his talents to teach the class while painting, after listening to music that Story had given him.

“It was an African American code song from the slavery days. It showed the way they would speak in code so that people wouldn’t know what they were saying. ‘Wade Through the Water’

was one of the codes meaning they would travel through lakes and rivers,” said Lotfi.

“The piece was collectively about the struggle of slavery and the journey to freedom. The black toward the bottom of the piece represents the darkness and racism. As it starts to move up the piece it turns into blue to signify the journey through the waters,” Lotfi explained about his work.

Lotfi used different objects in this painting to demonstrate his vision for the music. Broken glass pieces and text were incorporated.

Lotfi feeds his passion for painting whenever possible while continuing his education and reaching his goal of a career in the medical field.

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