Thursday, June 24, 2010

CERN Gets Former Vol State Student

Former Vol State student Alex Bogert, 21, will be doing research for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

“I have always been interested in science. My dad brought home a book and said that I would probably be interested. I would like to translate science jargon so that everyone can understand it,” he said.

After going to Vol State for two years, Bogert transferred to the University California Santa Cruz (UCSC). “I dropped out after a year. It was going to cost me $100 grand for my undergraduate degree,” he said.

He has been doing research for awhile at UCSC. “I was the mentor for three senior UCSC students and helped with the research for their thesis. What I do in two to three weeks, takes and undergrad first- time researcher around six months to finish.”

Although he is waiting to continue his education, he was recommended to do research for one of the world’s largest centers for scientific research. “The guy who invited me (Marco Battaglia), said the original plan was to stay for two months, but he said the stay is extended to however long the project needs me.”

“I’m going to help do the research for the next collider. A Hadron is a really general term for a heavy fundamental particle,” he said. “The plan is to send in a grant proposal by next summer. All of the research is geared toward getting the initial money to build it.”

Bogert remembers three professors from Vol State that helped pave the way. “Dr. Snelling, Dr. Farris, and Mary Yarborough were awesome. I thought Dr. Snelling’s classes were entertaining. He brought good real life examples to students."

His family is encouraging about this unique opportunity to do research at CERN. “My mom is really happy. She was stressed when I dropped out of school. My mom is getting her Master’s degree in Theology at Vanderbilt University.”

“I feel like this path I’m taking will give me tools to practice critical thinking and wisdom for future life experiences.”

Bogert will be going to Geneva to begin his CERN research July 3.

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