Monday, June 7, 2010

Travel Study Taj Mahal Visit

Vol State students have been voyaging across the globe as part of travel study programs. Tina Newman was just in India. Here is a report from the trip:

I am in Agra, India mesmerized by the inspiring and enchanting beauty of the Taj Mahal. We arrived here early morning around 6 a.m. to be ahead of the crowd and of course the heat. Pictures can not describe the beauty of this massive structure. The quality of the stone inlay work that decorates the entire structure is marvelous and perfect in hundreds of ways. Each stone has been hand carved out of the finest white marble money can buy. Truly one would have to see it to believe it. A romantic story follows the history behind the Taj Mahal. This famous land mark is without a doubt an enchanting labor of love. It would inspire anyone of any age to fall head over heels in love and never look back. The Taj is something that one could imagine from a fairy tale. Simply, it is a monument built by the great Shahjahan and his skilled carpenters in memory of his favorite wife Mum Taj Mahal, which today it is called Taj Mahal for short. The Taj sets along the western bank of the Yamuna River which can be seen from the platform of the Taj. This beautiful labor of love took over 22 years to complete. Now today it houses the tombs of the late Mum Taj Mahal and Shahjahan where they rest in peace together.

-Tina Newman

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