Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Learning Spanish in Spain

Teresa Epley has been in Segovia, Spain as part of a Vol State travel study program. She says learning the language is much easier with immersion:

If you truly want to learn a language then the TnCIS study abroad should definitely be a vital component. My classroom literally was expanded to every second of the day! I learned it is very important to have my foundation in the Spanish language, but I learned in order to speak another language fluently I also had to understand the culture, customs, and habits of the people to really meaningfully communicate. When I lived with my home stay family it gave me a better understanding allowing me to practice and quickly learn. The excursions explained the Spanish culture, and the people’s deep rooted traditions.

Learning abroad gave me passion to continue learning the Spanish language. The traditional classroom will continue to strengthen my vocabulary and grammar. However, I gained insight through this program: I cannot limit my studies to only the textbook. I now understand the Spanish language is very similar to English in that it is based on the geographical area. There is certain to be different dialect and slang being used along with what we are being taught in our classrooms. The study abroad class allowed my education to be multifaceted by being completely immersed and it was absolutely a positive experience for me.

-Teresa Epley

Volunteer State Community College

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