Thursday, August 26, 2010

Organizational Tips from Those Who Know

Organization is key to being a successful student.

This doesn’t mean that everything has to be color coded, labeled, and neatly stacked, but there are a few things that may help the transition for new students.

Often it is the most obvious of choices that will help a student. “I think the most important aspect of college is to either attend class or log onto your class,” said Clay Scott, Associate Professor, Communications and Journalism. “It is essential to listen, to participate, and ask questions.”

“I have to keep a planner or I will forget it,” Kayla Barbee, student, and admissions specialist, office of admissions. “I always like to stay up to date with Pride Online, and know where to find things.”

Individual students should learn their email and log in information since this is predominantly how most professors get in touch with students. Take a few minutes and look around the Vol State website, and make sure Pride Online is easily accessible.

It is easy to learn about a large project in the beginning of the semester that is not due until the end, and forget about it a week until it is due.

Dr. Monique Robinson-Wright, Director of Student Life and Diversity Initiatives, gives a few tips. “Once you get your syllabi from your classes, organize the due dates of the assignments when you know you have certain things. Plan accordingly by scheduling when you will do the outlines, create study guides, develop study groups, etc.”

“It is essential to listen, to participate, and ask questions. If a student is having trouble in the class, approach the instructor early in the class or as soon as you have a concern. Do not wait until the week before final exams,” said Scott.

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