Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rent-a-Text Details for Students

Rent-A-Text is back again this semester at the Vol State bookstore. It's an opportunity for students to save up to 55 percent on books by renting, instead of buying. Currently there are about 70 titles available for fall semester, and the bookstore folks say that number is growing. Students can pre-register as a rental patron online at  making the process much quicker for them when they visit the bookstore to make their purchases. Students can also rent online and have their books held as an in-store pick-up or shipped to them.

So, how do you know if a book is available for Rent-A-Text? You can ask when you visit the bookstore or look up your books by class by visiting:

If the title is rent eligible there will be a rent-a-text button on the page. Here are some other tips:

Student Requirements

• Students will be required
to provide a valid credit card
at the time of rental regardless
of how they are paying for the
rental fee. This is to charge
customer for book in case they
don’t return the book.

• Students will be required
to have a valid driver’s license
to rent. This is also to assist in
collections if student doesn’t
return the book.

• Students will be required to
have an e-mail address. This
is to send e-mail reminders to
students regarding when to
return the book.

What happens if a student doesn’t
return a book?

Non-return of a book will result in the
customer being charged the standard retail
amount (75% of new price) plus a penalty
(7.5% of new text price).

What happens if a student wants
to buy the book after he/she has
rented it?

Students will have the option of returning
to the store and converting their rental into
a standard sale during the period prior to
midterm exams (approximately 8 weeks from
class start date). The student will receive a
refund of their rental fee and be charged
regular retail price based upon the original condition of the
book rented (new or used).

Can a student return a book and get their rental fee
back if he/she drops a class?

Yes, rental refunds will be allowed during the normal refund
period for the store at which the title was rented. Standard (by
location) refund conditions will apply in regard to the condition
of the book, retention of the receipt, etc.

How much time is allotted to return the book at the
end of the semester?

The bookstore will implement a rental return date, by which
all rental titles must be returned. The last
day of classes and exams will be taken into
consideration when setting the rental return
date. Any book not returned by that date
will be charged to the customer at standard
retail amount (75% of new price) plus a
penalty (7.5% of new text price). Students
will receive at least three (actually, four total)
e-mail reminders prior to the rental return due
date. Any book returned after the due date
will only qualify as a buyback, with standard
retail and wholesale rates applied.

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