Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where to Go For What You Need

Beginning a college education can be both a fun yet daunting experience, and knowing where to get questions answered is usually a good start.

Vol State has several key buildings that focus on different departments. Below are the buildings with different departments and offices around Vol State.

The Ramer Administration Building is a good key starting point for admissions and advising. It is also home to the humanities division. The president’s office, public relations, WVCP radio station, recording studio, and business office are among key offices in the Ramer building. The language center has proven beneficial for students who may need extra help in English and writing courses as well.

The Wood Campus Center is located across from the Ramer building, and is home to the cafeteria, bookstore, financial- aid office and disability services. Campus police are in this building and can be contacted at 230-3595 for non-emergency calls, and 230-3911 for emergencies.

Caudill Hall is located between the Ramer building and Wood Campus Center. The social sciences division is here as well as the auditorium. The auditorium has several uses that include theatrical productions and seminars that are given by different guest speakers throughout the semester.

The Pickel Field House has the athletics and music departments. The renovated work out facility is available for all students, faculty and staff to use throughout the semester.

The Warf Building is located across from the Wood Campus Center. The math and science division are located here as well as science labs. Students who need tutoring in math can get extra help in the math lab and newskills center. These are also located in Warf.

The Mattox Building has the business division and computer labs, and is located across from the library.

The Wallace Building is home to the allied health division and chemistry labs.

Gibson Hall has continuing education classes, and the Tennessee State University (TSU) nursing program.

Areas where students may like to go for a break from academics are the commons area in the center of campus, the greenhouse community garden and the pond. The greenhouse is located behind the Mattox building near the tennis courts and the pond is located by Gibson Hall.

Knowing where the different departments are located and how to get to them is a good tool to have if needing to contact someone from that particular department to get questions answered.

Questions that may be asked are usually regarding something about student majors, or advisor information, according to Keith Lessert, Secretary III of the humanities division. “For us specifically, we get a lot of questions about our recording management program.”

For a link to the campus map click here.

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