Friday, September 3, 2010

Caught On Campus: College Colors Day

Several students, faculty and staff were seen around Vol State today supporting their college of choice. These ranged from Vol State, Vanderbilt, Florida, UT Knoxville, Duke and several others.

President’s Ambassador Jamie Blurton said, “I love Vol State. I love being on campus and participating in everything we do.” She added that she truly feels this way since she is here all of the time anyway.

“I’m a very school spirited person,” said Kerensa James, PTK Vice President.

Rachel Campbell, President’s Ambassador, said that she wanted to participate in college colors day especially since some of the other students were so excited about it.

The reason for Vol State’s participation is to be a part of the national celebration of campus pride, according to Jamey Campbell, coordinator of student activities. 

Volunteer State Community College

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