Thursday, September 30, 2010

Computer Changes and Important Info for Students

The Vol State computer system, called Banner, will be going through an upgrade starting on Friday, October 1 and running through October 13 or so. There shouldn't be a big impact for students. The Vol State web site is not part of the change and you will have all access to your online classes as usual. Most of the changes have to do with the business functions at the College. Things like paying bills, receiving checks and getting transcripts are affected. Here's a list. If you have a specific question contact the office in question and they can give you more details:

• Students can make Deferred Payment Plan payments in person at either the Gallatin or Livingston Campus or by phone by calling 230-3585.

• Students can pick-up Financial Aid checks printed by October 1.

• No degree evaluations can be processed using CAPP.

• No transcripts can be requested in PRIDE; however, faxed and written requests will be held for processing when the system is available.

• Academic transcripts cannot be viewed.

• No clearing of holds.

• No student checks for Financial Aid or refunds from dropped classes processed.

• No online payments on student accounts from 4:30 pm on October 1, 2010 through October 13th.

• Students in the Fall 2010 Deferred Payment Plan can make payment in the Business Office at the main campus through October 11th to avoid late fees.

• No update of student accounts with payments, fee adjustments, financial aid, etc.

• No re-issuance of lost or disputed checks.

• No address, name or grade changes can be processed.

• No Financial Aid awards can be processed or applied to a student’s account.

• No Student Loans can be processed.

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