Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Knowledge is Freedom

Insuring domestic tranquility, providing for the common defense and promoting the general welfare should be fairly self explanatory.

However, Jay Leno used to do a skit titled “Jaywalking” where he would ask several questions about the United States Constitution as well as questions from the T.V. show “The Family Guy.” The constitution questions are basic questions asked on a U.S. immigration test, and several U.S. citizens could not answer correctly. They seemed to know more about “The Family Guy.”

This is precisely one of the reasons that Vol State participates in Constitution Day, so that the students can get a better idea of their rights.

This year criminal justice students will play police officers and do mock traffic stops that are based on real cases with the drama students. The paralegal students will give the legal results in the Rochelle Center of the library.

The activities start at 12:30 p.m. Friday Sept. 17. There will be a Gallatin police car parked in the student parking lot by the tennis courts.

Volunteer State Community College

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