Friday, October 29, 2010

Vol State Faculty and Student Research Published

The study of the rare American chestnut tree has long been a passion for Vol State Professor of Biology, Joe Schibig. It’s lead to all sorts of research and publications. The latest publication will be an entire 61 page chapter in a book called “Geotechnologies and Environmental Management.”

“It’s based on the field work Vol State students and I did, where we inventoried the American chestnut and collected data in Mammoth Cave National Park,” said Schibig.

Three years of field work collected plenty of data. SongLin Fei, an assistant professor with the University of Kentucky, took that data and mapped the locations where the rare trees were found. Those maps use geotechnology to then show the affinities of the trees to specific geological factors and soil types. That could help researchers find more of the rare trees in similar locations in the future. Dr. Fei is the lead author of the chapter.

While Schibig has received quite a bit of recognition for his work in recent years, he says adding another element to the scientific body of knowledge is rewarding.

“It feels pretty good. My students will be proud. There will be a statement at the end of the chapter crediting them and myself.”

The students who participated in the research are: Mark Vance, Jeramie Tinsley, Lloyd Fly, and Anne Osborne.

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