Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Calculus III Students Have a Blast!

Calculus III students took part in fellow student Zach French’s honors project at the Vol State driving range on Monday November 1, and seemed to enjoy every minute of the experience.

French, an applied mathematics major, designed and built a potato gun.

"I needed an honors project,” said French. “This is the first one of these I’ve ever built. I used propane because it is less explosive than acetylene.” He said it took about one month to build it.

French said he thought that this was the best way to measure projectile motion, and decided to

apply his honors project to what they are currently learning, which is projectile motion.

“I like doing stuff like this,” said Joey Craighead, calculus student. “It helps to show how the calculations work with real-world applications.”

Mary Yarbrough, associate professor of mathematics, said that these are some of her top students. She said she has fun with the class, and added that they are not what some would consider boring calculus students.

This seemed to be the case, as the students were very easy going while making jokes preparing for the shooting experiment.

The students assisting French with the project were Roman Shutt, Marquis Merritt, Eunkyung Choi, Kerry Siegrist, Wade Pearson and Heather Hamilton.

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