Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pop Culture Class and Country Music

Vol State student Matthew Mason went on a class trip recently and has this report:

Our Pop Culture class has been focusing on music in popular culture and how it affects us as consumers. To help us feel more connected to the subject, our Professor Laura Black, took us to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Though I've lived in Nashville for seven years, I had never been to the Hall of Fame. I was very excited to be able to visit the exhibits and learn where Nashville's country music roots actually stream from.

We strolled through the many different exhibits occasionally stopping to take in some of the classic tunes in their different isolated listening areas and watch the old reels that played on large screens throughout the top floor of old fashion "hoedowns" and other gatherings of early players. We stopped to look into Elvis's "Solid Gold Cadillac" complete with a small T.V. and bunny ear antennae. We were educated in the life and accomplishments of Hank Williams and his rowdy bunch of boys that followed in his footsteps.

The most interesting parts for me personally were the exquisite outfits that both the men and women of country music would wear on stage. These Nudie Suits had so many different intricate and sparkling designs. It's hard to believe that they could even move in some of them. The different designs gave you an interesting look into the artist personalities. As we made our way around to the actual Hall of Fame the stairways walls were covered from top to bottom in silver, gold and platinum records. It was really a beautiful site to see. In the actual Hall we found the many different plaques hung in memorial to all the most important people to country music. From Johnny Cash to Alabama, and Minnie Pearl to Jimmy Rogers these plaques spanned all of the generations of country music and Nashville's connection to popular culture that shines and sparkles like a rhinestone across America.

After leaving I felt I had a true understanding of country music and how it continues to thrive and entertain people from young to old. As country music continues to grow we will see how the music has touched our city and helped Nashville evolve into a historical and prominent monument for American music as a whole.

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