Friday, November 12, 2010

Read My Mind

Students in Caudill Hall erupted into applause, laughter and gasps of astonishment on Wednesday November 10.

Mentalist Wayne Hoffman came to Vol State and seemed to have the ability to wow believers and skeptics alike.

“In the cafeteria he did a preview, and guessed someone’s name and got it right, and it intrigued me,” said Chase Stidham, recording industry management student.

The crowd response proved that Hoffman was entertaining and able to grab people’s attention.

He did several demonstrations that included bringing a mother and daughter onstage, and only touching the mother with a feather. The daughter said she felt the exact same thing, and he didn't touch her at all.

He also guessed which playing cards students were thinking about.

Hoffman said he has been doing this professionally for 13 years, and has studied the subject of the mind extensively. He said that what he does isn’t supernatural.

“Everything is scientific,” said Hoffman. “I wanted to use science for entertainment.”

Hoffman was on a nationally syndicated show titled “Phenomenon” from 2007-2008. “I got the chance on national television to read people’s minds,” he said.

The grand finale consisted of Hoffman filling up a Coke can and re-sealing it. The catch was that this was the same can of Coke he had been drinking during the show.

Steffen Dunham, president of the SGA, said that he wasn’t sure what he thought of the whole thing. “The Coke was strange.” Of all of the demonstrations, this seemed to puzzle most people who witnessed it.

Hoffman said that he enjoyed his experience at Vol State.

“It was awesome,” Hoffman said. “This is one of the coolest theaters I’ve seen in a community college.”

Hoffman can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

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