Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Phi Theta Kappa Reaches Five Star Status

This year Vol State Phi Theta Kappa students managed to set the bar to a higher standard by attaining a five star rating.

“In order to become five-star you are required to do a certain number of things,” said Kerensa James, PTK Vice President of leadership. “It has been years since we have been five-star.”

The honors in action study topic this year is “The Democratization of Information: Power, Peril, Promise.” PTK students presented their project in front of a panel of Vol State professors. Several questions were asked by the students in order to shed light on how to improve the college experience for current and future college students.

“Our ultimate goal is to have more of an open communication and general understanding between students and professors,” said Jamie Blurton, PTK Vice President of service. “We have to provide a response for the administration.”

Questions about career preparation and the importance of technology were directed toward the professors.

In regard to preparation, several professors agreed that being passionate about the overall learning process is the key to a successful college experience.

“When college is done well, it is a chemical transformation in the person,” said Nancy Blomgren, associate professor of English.

“Students need to be active learners,” said George Pimentel, department chair, history, geography, political science, and associate professor of history. “Students need to know their strengths.”

PTK students were congratulated for all of the work that was put into this project, and attaining the five-star status.

“I think every chapter after us will be encouraged to be more active and work toward becoming a five-star chapter,” said Blurton.

Both the students and faculty expressed what an amazing opportunity this is for Vol State.

“It is always an honor when our students and clubs receive recognition, especially for their scholarly endeavors,” said Dr. Monique Robinson-Wright, director of student life diversity and initiatives.

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