Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thanks from Afghanistan

Recently the Vol State EMS program held a donation drive to help soldiers in Afghanistan. Those soldiers really appreciated the effort. This is a note they sent in thanks to everyone who participated:

To all those that extended their support and patriotism through the donations received by Volunteer State Community College Students and Staff and those of Nashville Fire Department. We raised Approx. 300lbs of goods to send to Afghanistan through Christmas Donations which far exceeded expectations! The Soldiers currently serving overseas extend their thanks and this will surely bring them some Joy and Holiday Cheer, as well as letting them know that their sacrifices are NOT left unappreciated. Thank you for all your support! Attached Is a "Thank You" Photo from the soldiers that your donations were made, currently serving in North East Afghanistan mountains in the Korrenghal Valley, of the Kunar Province. Keep up the thoughts, prayers, and support for our brave troops!!

SSG Crews, Benjamin R.
E. Co., 3-398th, 95th Div
U.S. Army Infantry

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