Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dropping Classes

If you are dropping all classes and withdrawing from the College, you must go through the Advising Center.

If you are dropping 1 or more of your classes, but not all of them, then you must get a signature from the instructor of any dropped class on a Drop/Add/Withdrawal form. The completed form must be turned in to the Records Office.

Where to get the form

Forms are available from the following locations:

  • The Advising Center, Ramer 174

  • The Records Office, Ramer 183

  • Academic division offices, find yours here

Financial Aid

It is extremely important for students who are receiving any kind of financial aid to notify the Financial Aid Office before dropping a class or withdrawing from the College. Types of financial aid include:

  • Grants

  • Loans

  • Lottery funds

  • Scholarships

  • Stimulus funds

Where to go if you have more questions

The Student Handbook collects a ton of useful information into a single location. When you have problems or questions you'll often find an answer there. And if not, you'll find contact information for who to go to with your problems.

If you have questions about dropping classes, talk to your academic advisor or visit the Advising Ceneter.


Anonymous said...

I just want to know why I couldn't get my financial aid check today, but my friend has only went three of the six days she was suppose to go and I have been everyday, but the thing is, my first night class, the teacher, which I found VERY unprofessional, did not show up and only five students was in there, and I dropped the class, because someone in there said that there wasn't enough students signed up to have this class, so I dropped it and signed up for another one. And of course this past Thursday night classes got cancelled for snow. And now I have to deal with waiting another week for my money because of a mistake by the teacher not showing up and classes cancelled. The business office was being rude to me and did not answer any of the questions i asked except you have to attend all classes before you get your money. I mean, really? Now, where I put my debit card on hold, and because of ignorant teachers, I am going to have a bounced checking account and won't have what I need for my classes and will be unprepared. I want to say thanks for showing me that this school really cares about the students needs. I'm sorry I don't have money and have to worry about every penny that I get. I didn't get the luxury some others did. I know this is a little rude, but because of the couple of incidents, it has screwed me more than any of you people will realize. I'm so annoyed!

Vol State said...

Unfortunately Anon, the need for class attendence is part of a wider TBR policy. The snow delays and cancelations have been really tough for folks with evening classes. Your instructors should understand about the situation when it comes to books and textbooks for most classes are available for use in the library.

Anonymous said...

The problem is I got the books from across the street and I have my debit card on hold, and i'm afraid they will withdraw the money and I don't have it. So I will have a bounced checking account. And thats something I can't change, and I don't think this would be a issue if you had teachers that was more responsible and informed students when class was cancelled. All my other teachers do. I don't guess it is a big issue. I have to deal with the cards dealt I guess.