Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Textbook Tips: Bookstore Advantages

When buying textbooks, retail locations have distinct advantages that are attractive to many buyers. Whether renting, buying, or selling books, you can finalize your transaction and walk out of the store with the satisfaction of knowing you are done. Let’s take a look at the two closest to Volunteer State Community College: Textbook Brokers and the Vol State Bookstore.

The Vol State bookstore is owned and operated by Follett Higher Education Group. They have been involved in education books for over 135 years. Pricing is set at a national level and they pride themselves in assisting students to be successful while attending college. Diane King manages the local branch on campus.

“Getting the right books and materials is important. We are the only store with a direct connection to your instructors. Each term, we find out directly from them which materials they want you to have. In many cases, this could mean special course packs, CDs, and online pass codes. Off-campus stores may not know that you need these materials.”

She points out that from their website “You can order your books from home and pick them up at the store to skip the shipping charge. We also have all those little items you may forget: writing instruments, notebooks, paper...”

They also stock candy, cough drops and even Vol State apparel if you want to show some school spirit. You can reach the bookstore at (615) 230-3636 or email them at with further questions.

Textbook Brokers may be an option for the price concerned shopper still wanting to review all options before making a decision to buy. Located across the street from the college at 1483 Nashville Pike #503 the Gallatin location has been serving student needs for almost four years. The company has been in the textbook business since 1997.

Michael Moghadam says, “We have great prices and a great return policy for course changes. We also offer a guaranteed buy-back price on selected books.”

Moghadam says that if you purchase all of your books, for your entire class schedule, you may be eligible for an additional $10 off. If you would like to communicate with Michael to put together a package with all of your books, please feel free to email him at or call (615) 230-0502 for more information.


Textbook Brokers said...


My name is Michael and I run the Textbook Brokers across the street. The campus managers quote seemed misleading. Under state law the Follett bookstore must share all course info. We know all books and materials required for your classes as we get the information directly from the campus Follett run store. Don't be mislead into paying more for your books, we have every book for your Vol State classes.

Leigh said...

I found Textbook Brokers only slightly cheaper than the VolState Bookstore, but not on every book. And then sometimes they sell older editions that can be found on ebay or Amazon much cheaper.

I just purchased my books, some from TB and some from VolState. Regarding one of my most expensive books, the guy at TB quoted me a price, then I went to VolState. Much to my surprise VolState was about $90 CHEAPER than Textbook Brokers.

The best place to buy is online. However, you can't wait until the last minute to do so :)

Debbie said...

Great writing, Paul! But then you are a natural :)

Janie said...

I find it laughable that Michael is warning people not to be mislead into paying more when the TB prices are only a few dollars cheaper than the Vol State bookstore. They make it sound like you can save a lot of money when really they don't have good discounts. When a book is $90 it's not much of a discount to pay $85. Also, I bought my books this week and only have until the beginning of next week for a full refund. The only reason I have continued (reluctantly) to buy from TB and save only a few dollars is because I always wait too late to shop online.
I agree with Leigh. The BEST place to buy textbooks is online, you just can't wait until the last minute because you have to have time for shipping. You have to shop around a little for the best price but it's worth it. These are the few places I know of:,,, and (you can buy used books from B&N).