Thursday, January 27, 2011

There's a Party Goin' on Tonight!

What is the VISA Club? A place where credit card members meet… right?

Actually, it stands for Vol State International Student Association. Tonight, the VISA club is sponsoring a Winter Welcome Back Party and Mixer at the Rochelle Center, in the Library from 6-8, for everyone. There will be games, icebreakers, music, dance lessons, pizza, and dessert.

Why would this club be important to me?  I asked a few of my fellow students that are currently members, to tell me about the club. Ruby Johnson is an international student, and shared that after moving to the Gallatin area she was “invited by an instructor to attend a VISA event, to go roller skating with the club.” It was just what she needed to get her semester rolling for a great start.

If you think this is only for international students… Think again, even American students like Christina McReynolds feel that, “The VISA club expands my views and horizons on the cultures and lives of our International students. I joined because I wanted to learn more about the cultural side of the languages that I'm learning.”

Whether you are learning a foreign language or just want to explore the diversity of our world please take a minute this evening and come out for a great time. For more information about VISA feel free to contact Tonya Daniels or Kay Grossberg.

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Unknown said...

Dr. Espey said the party was great! Many thanks to everyone and to the TnCIS students who participated. I look forward to more interaction with the TnCIS students and the VISA members moving forward!

Anne-Marie Ruttenbur
International Education