Friday, February 18, 2011

Jump Start Your Job Search: Tips for Resume Writing

College students are often asked why they are going to college. Though the answer may vary, I am sure there are a high percentage of students that are preparing for a career. One important starting point for developing a career path strategy is to learn the importance of using all the resources available. It's something you'll want to consider before attending the upcoming Vol State Job Career Fair.
Anne-Marie Ruttenbur, coordinator of international education has spent the last fifteen years teaching business communications at Vol State College and recognizes the importance of a good resume. “I always have my students build a resume; they always dread it and they typically tell me they don’t have anything to put on it. Many times they do, they just don’t realize that many of the life skills they have already developed are desirable to corporations. One benefit as an educator is that this exercise allows me to teach important critical thinking skills such as, writing, business principles, organization, how to research, and dealing with deadlines. This is one project I can assign that meets number of academic goals. Another thing is even when they leave my class they have something tangible that will help them in the future“
Dr. Rick Parrent, the director for the Office of Career Placement recently gave a seminar about some of the resources available. He has spent most of his professional career in higher education; guiding students through the confusion often found in trying to decide a career path. “ The average students that leave a high school environment to attend college are undecided about what type of work they want to do, or have not declared a major. They are here to gain experience, to connect, and take undergraduate courses, called general education, to find the right niche”

Wednesday April 20 Vol State will host the Spring Career Fair. Do you have a resume that you feel good about? If not, Dr. Parrent invites you to contact him to explore your career path and learn how to build your resume. The Office of Career Placement is available for all students attending Volunteer State Community College. Parrent also points out that in addition to resumes, they can help with many professional skills such as cover letters, interviewing tips, negotiation, and how to make the most of your job. These are services that many off-campus professionals charge up to $200 per hour for. The good news is if you are an active student they are free.

Another valuable resource is the language center. Arlo Hall is one of the tutors, guiding students in the craft of writing papers. He said that he works with students every semester that need help writing a resume. “The first thing we talk about is formatting and deciding what information the employer is looking for. The best thing they can bring is the information about the job they are applying for. The more information we have, the more we can help them. Even if they don’t feel that they have substance for the resume, they still need to take time to work on it. They will find out what classes, experience, and skills they need to work on.”

Now that you know some of the valuable options available here at Vol State, here is a question that we have been asked since childhood that seems appropriate: What are you going to do when you grow up?

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