Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Greenlea Entrance Now Open

It’s 7:57 in the morning. You think you can make it to class if you don’t hit any red lights. You get to the intersection in front of Vol State and realize the traffic is backed up in both directions. Often you have to deal with the same bottleneck leaving for lunch or when the day is through. . . . Vol State has a new entrance to help with this challenge.

The gate will be open during business hours. Public Relations Director Tami Wallace shared, “We’ll have a more formal opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony next Wednesday with the Chamber of Commerce, but in the mean time we wanted to open it up today for the students to take advantage of it.”

One of the first students to try out the new entrance was Josh Moore. “It’s great! It’s going to take care of all that congestion at the front around 9-10 in the morning. It is frustrating when you have that huge line that runs all the way out to Greenlea. I am excited about it. Even though I am coming from Hendersonville, there are plenty of times I would use this entrance rather than fight the crowd.”

Pre-radiology student Joey Brady said, “I love it! I come in everyday from Nashville, and this will be a big help. It’s a pain when you got to go all the way down, hit the light, and then wait in traffic, only to turn back to get into the parking lot. Now we can bypass all that mess and hopefully get a better parking place.”

According to Steven Cox, “I am coming from Hendersonville, so I purposely don’t take Vietnam Veterans because it’s kind of a pain to get through all the lights, but now that this is much more accessible, I will probably use it more often. Even though some people complain about parking, my biggest issue is just trying to drive in and out of the campus.”

SGA President Steffan Dunham who happens to be from Germany was excited about the opening, and he laughed as he said, “It’s great, but it’s not the Autobahn!”
Facilities Director John Mouvery said, “It has taken a little longer than originally planned due to bad weather. We have had a lot of positive feedback from students, faculty, and staff.”

The gate is technically on Enterprise drive but most people are already calling it the Greenlea entrance. Personally, I have been impatiently waiting for this opening, so, if you also are using this entrance in the morning, then I will wave as we pass.

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