Friday, April 15, 2011

American Idol Fans - Kimberley Locke Sings

In 2003 Kimberley Locke took the nation by storm during season two of American Idol. Within one year she released her debut album and the rest is history. I have heard the old saying, Success is when opportunity meets preparation. Locke is a perfect role model for this. She was ready when the door opened up. She has been a very savvy business woman. Part of this is due to focus on her business education.

“I knew as a young kid growing up that whatever I did I was going to be exceptionally good at it,” Locke said. “So I think that I set my family up a long time ago, that I was going to do something great.”

What you may not know is all the hard work that went into preparing for a successful career.

“When I was in college I stopped singing for a little while to pursue a more realistic career,” said Locke. “I think my education played a huge role in where I am today and the business decisions I have been able to make for myself.”

Music is a top priority for her.

“I wanted to do it professionally; I think that American idol afforded me the opportunity sooner than I anticipated. Education is priceless. It really doesn’t matter where you go to school; your level of education is dependent upon you. You get out of it what you put into it, and I feel like I put a lot into mine. It has been very helpful to me along the way.”

Locke attended Gallatin High School and shared a funny memory, “I was auditioning for a song against my best friend, and there was a big note at the end of the song,” she said, laughing. “I hit the note, but I passed out. I wanted the part so bad but I didn’t get it.”

Locke appears 8:00 pm Sunday night at the Wemyss Auditorium inside Caudill Hall at the Volunteer State Community College here in Gallatin. This will be Locke’s first home-town performance since stardom. Tickets have gone fast but there will be a few for $20 at the door.

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