Thursday, April 7, 2011

Education Leaders Remember Dr. Ramer

Dr. Hal R. Ramer, founding president of Vol State, left a legacy at this college that will last for years and years to come. He's such an important figure for us that it's easy to forget sometimes what a big impact he had on higher education as whole in Tennessee. He was instrumental in setting up the community college system in the state and was actively involved in many higher education issues, for many years. Recently, the Tennessee College Association (TCA) looked for a way to memorialize his accomplishments and dedication. Richard Rhoda, Executive Director of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, was responsible for presenting the proposal for naming the keynote address at their annual meeting after Dr. Ramer. The TCA approved the idea last week and so it will be the "Hal Ramer Keynote Address" for future TCA meetings. Dr. Rhoda notes that this means Dr. Ramer will again be attending the meeting that he never missed in life.

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