Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spectacular Music Showcase Saturday

Some people say they do not appreciate the arts. That is because they have not heard the Vol State music showcase. This is a great opportunity to add some culture into your life. This is part of Vol State's Celebration of the Arts Festival. The music starts at 7:00 p.m. Saturday, April 16 and the suggested entrance donation is $5.00.

Student Asa Wiggins will be playing bass for multiple sets. His eyes lit up with excitement when he spoke about preparing for this event. “There is going to be a big variety of music; it’s kind of like a big smorgasbord of genres,” he said. “Anyone who likes music should come; even if you don’t like music you should come, because maybe you’ll learn to like it by the time you leave.”
This performance is packed full of every kind of music you can imagine. “There is literally a style for everyone there, we cover every genre,” said Ally Smith, a music production student. “We have stuff that’s classical, Italian, and some musical theater thrown in, we also have commercial music covered in choral and band style. We even have some original music as well, so you’re going to see some up and coming artists.”
The group has a CD which will be debuting Saturday night with a promotional price of $5.00 and features original music that will be shared at the performance. “This CD is new every year,” said music instructor Lynn Peterson. “I encourage all to visit the new Facebook page for this year’s project. This year is unique because I don’t always have this much talent at the same time. Our biggest challenge with this show is going to be the downtime between sets due to the amount of talent we setting up for each showcase.”

What is impressive about this event is that students are not just making the music but they are the ones making everything else happen as well. Student Jim Obaid is studying the art of audio engineering, he said, “Doing live sound is another kind of art form because we get to sculpt the sound to help the audience appreciate the full impact of the musician.”

Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Bruce Scism shared how this came about, “This was really the outgrowth of some conversations we were having with folks in the visual and performing arts department. We wanted to find the best way to showcase the programs that we have and engage our community.”

So, if you would like to participate in a show designed to enrich the culture of our community, take a moment out of your busy schedule and come out to Vol State this weekend. The Music Showcase is just part of the Celebration of the Arts weekend. It starts Thursday night and goes through Sunday night, closing with a grand finale of Gallatin’s own Kimberley Locke. Click here to see the complete schedule of events.

The first four individuals to email me will each receive one FREE ticket to the Kimberley Locke concert on Sunday night at 8:00 pm. Also two FREE tickets will be given away at the Pecha Kucha competition at 12:15 p.m. on Friday at the carpeted dining room in the Woods Campus Center. Come out for a FREE lunch and get to know our students better. (If you attend, you will get to hear me tell you why it is “Good to have ADHD").

Whether you like movies, music, viewing art, or story-telling, there is something for all ages. Some may just want to relax and walk around celebrating the arts by spending quality time in a great community.

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