Monday, May 9, 2011

Teaching Children in India

Vol State students John Clark and Jaime Blurton will be taking a course in human geography during Maymester through TnCIS. This course will be different from others they have taken; this one will occur in India. Moreover, this one will involve service learning. John and Jamie took their free time to make maps of America and India on bed sheets. These maps will help them teach geography to the children of TAABAR and SHRESTHA. They’ll use index cards to help kids label states and cities on both maps, and the simplicity of the bed sheet maps will allow all sorts of different learning to occur. John and Jamie will also use inflatable globes to play a game with the kids while they teach them that 70 percent of the Earth is covered by water. But John and Jamie will learn from those children as well. Culture is indeed a two-way street. They’ll learn that life is sometimes difficult when you are a child of the street (as were the children of TAABAR) or when you call a slum home (as do the children of SHRESTHA). Both groups will definitely learn and grow from cultural exchange.

Keith Bell

Associate Professor of Geography

Volunteer State Community College

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