Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time for Tea in China

Vol State student Gary Bickle is in China for a travel study trip. Here is his latest entry:

Ni Hao [Hello] again from Shanghai!
We journeyed to the home of green tea, Mei Jia Wu village. There, about 500 families harvest some of the world's best, and most expensive, green tea. Emperor tea can only be harvested in one picking in early April. Spring tea can be picked for one week only. Summer tea is then picked for about one month. After a short demonstration, I realized that Americans are probably not brewing and drinking it correctly. (But that is a subject for another day!)

We also visited the Lihue, or Six Harmonies, Pagoda. Built in 970 a.d., it has 14 levels, with the steps being especially steep and treacherous. Once at the top, however, the view is quite spectacular. The Buddhist Pagoda was built in an attempt to quell the nearby Qiantang River, one of the few in the world that rises and falls with the tides.

Well, I’m off to "The Market", Xia Wu Hao !!
Gary Bickle
Volunteer State Community College

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