Monday, May 23, 2011

TnCIS Allows Students to Explore Ancient Medicine and Learn About Tai Chi

Vol State student Gary Bickle is participating in the Tennessee Consortium of International Studies (TnCIS) in China. He has been contributing as a guest writer for the Volunteer State Community College student blog. These are some of the details from his latest adventures.

Another week has gone by, and we have done so many things, with what seems so little time to compose our thoughts and organize pictures. Yesterday we went to the Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their history dates back to 1,700,000b.c. Ancient drawings tell stories of medicine men who used plants, animals, and the surrounding environment, including sun, water and earth, to heal.

After lunch we ventured to the Chinese Wushu (kung-fu) University and Museum. This is where children come starting at age 7-8 to train to become masters in the ancient arts. Some students have gone on to become world champions. They train in many styles of Tai Chi, Kung-Fu, and various hand-to-hand combat styles using lances, swords and other weapons. I was privileged to have my picture taken with a champion of Tai Chi, and after watching her perform, I am quite sure she can take care of herself in any situation!

Gary Bickle

Volunteer State Community College

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