Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Too Young for Vol State College? No Way!

Laughing, dancing, and singing filled the courtyard at Volunteer State Community College on Thursday morning as nearly thirty children waited for their chance to record a couple of songs they had written during the YMCA summer youth camp.  The recording studio came to life as the 7 to 12 year old participants erupted into song and shared the enthusiasm that can only be found in youth.


Brian Celeste is a resident engineer and Vol State alumni.  Working his second job at the YMCA opened up the opportunity to help host a recording session for the YMCA’s summer theme, Rock Star Camp.  After giving a tour of the state of the art sound studio, Celeste set up microphones for two separate youth groups to record customized Karaoke songs they had written during camp. 

“Because I work at both the YMCA and the school this seemed like a perfect opportunity to give these kids an opportunity to visit a real studio and record a song,”  Celeste said. “It is rewarding to see their faces light up when they are actually singing into the microphone.  It’s really great to work with these kids.  We will burn them a CD next week and then they can watch it with the camp counselors.”
Here are some clips of the kids singing.
“Walking on Sunshine”
“Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

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