Friday, July 15, 2011

Trio Can Help You

Counselor:   Do you have a graduation plan?
Student:   What’s that?
Counselor:   Let's get started by having you give me some basic information.  Have you chosen a major? Do you know your ACT scores?  Are you getting financial aid?  These are all things we need to find out.
Student:   Am I supposed to know all of that already?
Counselor:   Let’s start at the beginning.

Does this conversation sound funny?  Unfortunately, this is a common conversation for non-traditional students.  I am fortunate that someone told me about the Trio program.  Trio is a government funded program to assist non-traditional students with all of the pitfalls found when returning to school.
Carol Bazenet has participated in the Trio program for the last three years.  She graduated this spring as an English Major. 
“I found out about the program three years ago when I brought my daughter down to Registration Rocks,” said Bazenet.  “I had been thinking about going back to school, and I tried clepping [test-out of] a class to see if I could handle college.  It worked and I decided I could do it.  The Trio program helped me to figure out a graduation plan, scholarships, what classes I needed to take, and what order to take them in.  I would encourage anyone that qualifies to let them help you through every door.  They can help you get on board, stick with the program, and help you follow up with your goals.  They can even help you set up a goal planning system.”
As director of the Trio program at Vol State, Andrea Boddie has been able to assist many students fulfill their dreams of graduating from school with a degree. 
“We have about a 170 students that participate in the program each year,” said Boddie.  “2010 was our fifth year, and in the first cycle we had a graduation rate that doubled other programs.  The new grant is not only looking at graduation rate but also targeting students transferring to a four year university.  We have a variety of services to help students along.”
Trio has been a huge help to many non-traditional students.  For more information please visit the following link.
Volunteer State Community College

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