Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old and New Friends Enjoy the First Week Back to School

Students are buzzing from one building to the next.  Backpacks, books, and iPods can be seen in every direction. Various student clubs are busy recruiting new members in the Wood Campus Center, while over in the Ramer building the welcome crew is trying to keep the traffic moving and get those last minute questions answered.  It is nice to hear the sounds of laughter, it lightens the tension of everyone’s first week back to school.   

Rob Alverson looks into the ACE club with Brittany Bertoli and Maggie Lewis

Glad to see thier freinds, students lounge outside the Vol State Grill
In between Hacky Sack games, Justin Brown (Fire Science), Catherine Hooper (Nursing), Demos Thang, and Garret Miller (Communications) all try to stay cool under the Gazebo. 

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