Monday, August 22, 2011

Parking Tips and Getting Around Campus

Hello to all the new Vol State students getting ready for fall semester! We want to help you have a smooth start here. Classes start on August 27 and that means it's time to get acquainted with where things are on campus. We have a map showing the buildings, departments and programs on campus. We encourage new students to take a look before you get to campus, especially to figure out where your classes will be. You'll find the building and room listed on your schedule of classes. Taking a look at the map is also an opportunity to scout out the best parking location. As you may have heard, parking can be hectic on weekday mornings. You're advised to give yourself extra time for the first couple of weeks to find the best spot. We do have extra parking this year. The former gravel lot behind the Wallace building has been paved.

We'll be honest- traffic is often a real pain just before 8 a.m. classes on weekdays. The entrance at Nashville Pike gets backed up quickly. We suggest using the new entrance off of Enterprise Drive and Greenlea Blvd. It's close to Hwy 386 and allows you to park near Wallace or go up to the Wood Campus Center.

We hope you have a great semester!

Volunteer State Community College

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