Friday, September 23, 2011

Dragons Sighted on the Vol State Campus

Imagine yourself... Screaming a battle cry, you stab down with your wand of Flame Blade, and jump onto the neck of Raygoss the dragon.  With a mighty lunge he leaps into the air causing your sword to slip from your grasp.  You grip the frozen scales with your frost-bitten fingers and wonder what will happen as you look down at the last rays of the sun glittering off the frozen river below.
Club members recruit at Fall Fling
Does this sound like fun?  You, too, can enjoy the adventures if you join the Dungeons and Dragons (D and D) Club, which happens to be the most active club on the Vol State campus.  They can be found almost daily in the carpeted dining room playing any number of games.  D and D is one of several role playing games, but there are also a number of strategy-oriented games also such as Magic the Gathering.
Nick Huth has been playing since high school.  “D and D actually requires you to be social, so it helps people make new friends,” said Huth.  “Games times vary.  They run from one sitting and other games can last well over a year.”
Players build characters during lunch
After he graduated from Gallatin High School, Josh Rittenberry could not find anyone to play, but soon found a group that was happy to have him join in.  “I don’t have a favorite character,” said Rittenberry.  “But I have a lot of them that I like.  You get attached to all of them.” 
Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Many themes that started out on a board, have now graduated to books, then to movies, and now video games.  If you are bored or just want to meet new friends, stop by and introduce yourself.
Amadeus Nunaley shows just a few options
President of the club, Amadeus Nunaley, invites people of all ages. “A lot of people use D and D as a way to get to know other people, and you can also do things that you could never do in real life. We are trying to set up a game with some faculty members who have expressed interest in participating.  We have several students who were uncomfortable, thinking it was going be really weird.  After they get to know us, they enjoy hanging out.”

Visit their Facebook page for more information.

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Cassey Lynch said...

What are the requirements for joining?

Mary said...

The club is also active in community service events and welcomes non-gamers interested in learning more about the different possiblities.

Vol State said...

Casey: I'd visit their facebook page for contact info. There's a link in the story above.