Monday, September 12, 2011

Student Finds Biological Family

The first question many Vol State students hear when they start back to classes in the fall is, “What did you do this summer?”  So far music major Ray Donaldson has the coolest answer yet.  He told me about one day this June, when he was contacted by a half-sister he never knew about.  After a few questions and calls, he found out that he had biological brothers, sisters and parents that he had never met.
He spent a lot of time with them during his summer break.  “My biological mom has had a lot of health problems,” said Donaldson.  “She was always worried she would die, without meeting me.  So we are really happy this happened.”  He is planning on getting to know all of them better this coming year.
I asked him how his current family felt about this new information.  “I told my mom and dad that though meeting my biological parents was cool, no one could ever take the place of them,” said Donaldson.  “I reserve the terms of mom and dad for them only.  It has really been cool sharing music with my siblings.  Now, my little sister is starting to like my favorite band, Nirvana, since meeting me.”
Donaldson encourages anyone adopted to not feel bad about their circumstances.  He feels blessed by both families and said, "It’s actually kind of cool."
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Susan Clark said...

Awesome! I also met my biological sister this summer, on July 22nd, for the first time. I'm much older than you and was also adopted at birth. Meeting one of my half-sisters was a pretty awesome experience for this 51 year old college student! :)