Thursday, September 29, 2011

Students from Egypt, Vietnam, Burma, Mexico, and Korea- welcome to Vol State!

Students conducting interviews with each other
One definition of diversity is variety and another is multicultural differences.  That is exactly what I found at the VISA mixer today in the Ramer building.  Vol State has students from many countries.  Today I met students from Egypt, Vietnam, Burma, Mexico, and Korea, just to name a few countries.

“The purpose of the VISA club is for people of all backgrounds who are interested in international culture, ideas, issues, and travel to come together and meet others with a common interest,” said the faculty co-advisor for the group, Kay Grossberg.  “We have had students come to the club and realize that the world is here at their doorstep. Students from other countries are given a chance to get involved in student government and really develop an understanding of our culture. ”
Ashley and Mital get know each other
Mohamad and Michael discuss diversity

Criminal Justice major, Ashley Simmons spoke with Mital Patel, who is still undecided about her major.  Both were enjoying the conversation.  “I am not in the VISA club but I like what I see,” said Simmons.  “And I think after this event, I want to get involved with this program.”

Michael Wahpa is a first-year engineering major from Egypt.  “This helps me to break the ice.  I have been here two months,” said Wahpa.  “My cousin invited me to come, he is also attends here at Vol State. The culture is very different.  I already knew a little English. I had studied it but never spoke it.”

From left to right, Ha, Anthony, and Michael
Anthony Zaul is from Burma.  “When I graduated from Hendersonville High School, I wanted to come to this college,” Zaul added with a hint of pride.  “All my brothers went here. When I finish, I am going to attend college in Michigan.  I am not a member of the VISA club but I like it.  The diverse culture is good.”

Free food is hard to turn down for students
The VISA club is open to everyone and their next scheduled meeting is October 11 at 2:15 pm.  For more information please contact Associate Professor, Kay Grossberg.

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Sorry I missed this one. It looks like everybody had a great time. Next time, save me some of that yummy food.

Prof. Keith Bell [Geography]