Thursday, November 17, 2011

Opportunities for Student Writers this Spring

Students interested in writing and art should consider enrolling in the two English practicum offerings related to the publications "Number One" and "Squatters' Rites". A student enrolled in a three-credit practicum will work on collecting submissions, book layout including work with Quark or InDesign layout software, keeping up with correspondence with writers and artists and (in the case of Number One) assisting the faculty editors.
"Number One" is Vol State's literary publication and publishes stories, poems, essays, and interviews from all over the country. It is staffed by faculty.

"Squatters' Rites" is a student publication; student staffed, with faculty advisors, and publishing student poems, stories, and artwork in full color on the cover and on four inside pages. "Sqauatters' Rites" has won a national prize for several years in a row. We also need student submissions for SR.

The class numbers are:
ENGL290p-001 = Number One, Instructor C. Wyatt
ENGL290p002 = Squatters’ Rites, Instructor D. Kelley

For more info contact Cindy Wyatt at 230-3203

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