Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vol State Student Sings for Presidential Candidate

Nashville is often referred to as Music City and seems to have a magnetic attraction for talented people like Vol State student Tammy Allen.  Like other artists, she wants to make a difference in her community and share something beautiful with others.  But following her dream has not been easy.  As a single mother, small business owner, and full-time student she has made sacrifices that clearly display her passion and commitment to her goals.  Last week Allen once again gleaned the harvest of her labors when she sang at a private dinner held for Presidential candidate Herman Cain.

“I really want to sing in places that I can make an impact,” said Allen.  “In the past I have performed in venues like bars, and I just didn’t get any gratification from that.  You have to take a stand for what you believe in and you will attract others with similar beliefs and convictions.  Nothing is free in life and you can expect some regrets, but if you are true to your self you will never regret that.”

Allen just finished shooting her first music video and is currently in the studio working on a three song EP.  For more information about Allen visit her homepage.

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