Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Get Weather Closing and Delay Information

Let's have a chat about the weather and how it impacts you as a Vol State student, faculty or staff member. Right now, we don't expect to have any closings or delays due to the weather. But if that changes you can find out in one of four ways.

The easiest and quickest way is to sign up for Vol State text alerts:

With the text service you can also check boxes to get specific alerts for Highland Crest and Livingston if you want.

Monitor our primary facebook page:

Follow us on Twitter:

Keep an eye on the front page of we put all cancellations and delays up there as well.

WVCP-FM 88.5 also gives out weather closings. For major morning delays and cancellations we send notices to the Nashville TV stations. But honestly, the TV stations should be a last resort. It sometimes takes an hour for the Vol State listings to come up...with all of the other closings. You are much better off with one of the four options listed above.

You'll find that the College doesn't close or have class delays nearly as often as the high schools. There is a big reason for this. High schools make their decisions based on school bus travel. We don't have any buses, so we make our decision based on car travel and that's quite different. However, we have students living all over the area and in a variety of terrain. If the roads are dangerous in your area you have the right to decide if you want to attend class or not. If you can't attend just let your instructor know so that you can make up your work. We want everyone to be safe and that means you need to use your own best judgement.

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