Friday, January 6, 2012

A Student Offers Tips for College Success

I was nervous the first time I visited the Vol State campus.  I didn’t know where anything was, I didn't know where to park, and I had no friends to show me the ropes.  It is not easy, but it does not have to be as difficult as I made it.  Here are a few tips to make your semester run smoother.
  •  See the Be Advised newsletter for special hours, locations, and events the first few weeks of the spring 2012 semester.  Keep up with these important dates.  Even if you think you know exactly what you want to do, you still need to speak to someone about your academic goals.  Although I had a general idea, I needed some guidance and direction. Your advisor is your best resource and someone you should stay in contact with throughout your college career. Ask others for advice as well, sometimes you will pick up a critical piece of information from someone else on campus that has had a similar experience.
  • Write down important names, dates, numbers, and locations in a notebook, calendar, cellphone, or laptop.  You WILL use your Student Registration information EVERYDAY.  Even though I no longer need a Campus Map now, I still reference a lot of this info daily.  (V-number, your email information, your advisers extension and email, room numbers and class times.  I even had to write down how to login, my passwords, and the number for the IT Help Desk.)
  • Sign-up for text messages from the college. It will send you an automatic text message for any weather closings or delays and also update you on important college news and tips. Just make sure you click the college tips section when you sign-up.
  • Check out our links for Facebook and the Vol State Blog. The college offers a lot of info on Facebook several times a day. You can also communicate with other students there.
  • Plan ahead.  Nothing is more frustrating than waiting in a long line, only to find out that you are in the wrong building.  Expect traffic delays, be ready to hold on the phone lines, ask for help, be polite and assist others if you know the answer.  Things do go wrong, so be prepared and you will be successful.
 "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  -- Ben Franklin 
Paul Farmer is the student blogger at Vol State.

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