Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vol State Coach in Beech Hall of Fame

If you love sports, you are not alone.  Vol State’s Head Softball Coach, Johnny Lynn has participated as far back as he can remember.  He showed exceptional skill at basketball at a young age, and in 1980 his parents moved to the Beech High School district, specifically for him play in the districts program. He was a star at the high school, leaving a number of school records that still stand. Lynn was recently honored for his contributions. Last month he was recognized in the Beech Athletic Hall of Fame.
“I lived it, loved it, ate it, and played every day no matter what the weather was,” said Lynn. “My dad was a football player, and when I wanted to play basketball it kind of crushed him, but he was very supportive of everything me and my two sisters did anyway.  I played at an elementary level, junior pro, middle school, high school, and went on to play at college.” 
He shared some of the events that shaped his coaching style.  “As a young teenager I went to all the Vanderbilt football games,” said Lynn.  “One time Auburn beat Vandy really bad, and I will never forget how the Auburn players were the nicest players I had ever seen.  As a little kid I was always asking for things—‘give me a towel, sweatband, a chin strap or something’—and they did it. Onetime a quarterback even took me down onto the field, and when I left that game I knew what I wanted to do.  It was a good life lesson.  Later, when a lot of schools were recruiting me I remembered this and knew where I wanted to go.”
Lynn also gives credit to Coach “Sonny” Smith from Auburn University, and Coach “Boots” Scott from Beech High School as inspirations for his success.  “Without their guidance I wouldn’t have been the player I was,” said Lynn.  “It takes a lot of time to be good, and a player has got to be dedicated.  I tell my team, ‘If you want to play summer ball, do it, but don’t get burned out.’ It’s important for each player to make that decision on his or her own; mama and daddy can’t make that decision for you.”
This kind of dedication took Auburn to the top.  “We won SEC one year.  We went to the NCAA every year; went to the second round every year, played Sweet-Sixteen twice, and the Elite Eight once, and we were just two minutes away from the Final Four,” exclaimed Lynn.  “The main thing as a coach is you always want to be fair. Which is not necessarily playing time, but it’s treating everyone equal. I had a bad knee, and studied marketing and economics for two more years to get a teaching degree, making my mama proud.”
As a coach, one of his most rewarding experiences was seeing the look on the faces of the 2011 Magic Softball Team last year when they won the state championship and went on to play in the Nationals.
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Johnny is a great guy! I have known him since we went to First Baptist Church! Proud of you buddy! David Bass