Monday, April 16, 2012

Bluegrass Jamboree Winners

The Sumner County Bluegrass Jamboree at Vol State had pickers and fiddlers outside in the sunshine getting ready and inside the auditorium playing their hearts out. The competition and concerts were a success with hundreds attending. Here are a few pictures and a list of the winners. Congrats to all!



1st place: Rob Pearcy

2nd place: Joey Gipson

3rd place: Chris Gray

Bluegrass Banjo

1st place: Joey Gipson

2nd place: Chris Gray

3rd place: Rob Pearcy


1st place: Rob Pearcy

2nd place: Chris Gray

3rd place: Ben Ayers


1st place: Rob Pearcy

2nd place: Tyler Sellers

3rd place: Ben Ayers

Bluegrass Band

1st place: Mary Rachel Nally Band

2nd place: Raygan Sellars Band

3rd place: Hillary Bevels Band

Pee Wee Fiddle

1st place: Ivy Phillips

2nd place: Jaden Smith-Borne

3rd place: Savannah Ritter

Beginner Fiddle

1st place: Steven Alonso

2nd place: Lauren Clardy

3rd place: Raygan Sellers

Junior Fiddle

1st place: Gail Johnson

2nd place: Hillary Bevels

3rd place: Dave Wascher

Senior Fiddle

1st place: Jerry McGlockin

2nd place: Carl Franklin

3rd place: Dan Sadler

Pee Wee Dance

1st place: Brayden Chunn

2nd place: Ivy Phillips

3rd place: Lexi Johnson

Junior Dance

1st place: Ty Jackson

2nd place: Sierra Tomlin

3rd place: Kelcy Tomlin

Senior Dance

1st place: Garry Giles

2nd place: Tim Bradley

3rd place: Shawna Taylor

Square Dance

1st place: Main Stage Fusion

2nd place: Main Stage Explosion

3rd place: Tri-Star Express

Volunteer State Community College Bluegrass Jamboree

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