Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pure Inspiration from a Vol State Student

Are you ready for summer fun?  Vol State student James Ross is.  He loves sports.  He plays tennis, softball, and likes to go wake boarding and just got back from a national basketball tournament.  He is hoping to get into track and field next year.  Not only is Ross a student, but he drives to work at a full time job in Nashville five days a week.  You might ask, what’s so unusual about that?
He was born with a physical disability and has used a wheelchair since he was a child. 
“I first started playing basketball when I was 8 years old,” said Ross. “There was this athlete that came to a camp for kids with disabilities, and he started a basketball team.  So, I played all the way through school, but after high school I quit for a several years.   That was a big mistake, ‘cause I lost a lot of my talent.  I am trying to get it back and I am playing with the adult team in Nashville.”
After he graduates from Vol State, Ross would like to go on to play wheelchair basketball for either the University of Illinois or the University of Alabama.  “I also enjoy writing,” said Ross.  “I want to help people to find inspiration and pursue what they are good at.  I have considered getting into psychology, so I could help people, but I need to stay focused right now since I want to play basketball.  If I can encourage someone I do.  We all have obstacles regardless of whether you are in a wheelchair or not.  Life has its ups and downs but this has made me stronger.”
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