Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beware of Parking Fines

Parking on the main campus can be a hassle, especially the first few weeks of fall semester when new and returning students battle for a good, close spot. Some of those close spots that students are accustomed to parking in will be unavailable in the fall.     
Behind Wood Campus Center 
Here's one example- the parking lot behind the Wood Campus Center has been repainted for staff parking only! Several parking lots have been repainted to better identify parking spaces. New students, just in case you are unable to see the word STAFF painted in the spot, please be aware that white stripes are for staff parking and yellow for students.     

New parking lot
The construction for the new Allied Health Building will begin soon. The exact date has not been set yet. That means the parking lot between the Mattox building and Wallace building will be closed.  “That sucks!” says Jamie Buchert. “I usually park in the Mattox parking lot because most of my classes are in the Mattox and Warf buildings.” 

The good news is that there is a new parking lot opening this semester. You may have missed this parking lot, because it’s waaay in the back of the Wallace building… near the back entrance and behind the community garden. 

Terrika Jackson
In order to park on campus, all students and staff need parking decals. Make sure to pick up your parking decal from the Student Life and Diversity Office in room 215 of the Wood Campus Center. I met Terrika Jackson after she had picked up her parking decal. She's now set to park on campus. Without a decal you may find yourself with a $25 parking ticket. Three parking violations can result to your car being towed and/or privileges to park on campus can be revoked.

Avoid fines by parking in the correct spot. Do not park in visitors parking!!! Parking in visitors parking can lead to two (2) fines for students without a parking decal. (1. No decal, 2. parking in visitor parking.) 

On the plus side, students are allowed to park in staff parking spaces after 5:00 p.m on weekdays and all day during the weekends without fear of a fine. Word to the wise... "The early bird gets the worm" The earlier you arrive on campus before that 8:00 a.m class, the better parking spot you will get.
For a view of campus buildings and parking lots please see the campus map.
For more information on the parking policy click here.

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